We are go-to partner for dance schools, festival organizers, and enthusiasts of Latino dance

Marketing & Business consulting
Event organization support
Public Relations
Video & Photography

What do we do and why should you work with us?

We provide assistance to individuals across the Latino dance community, spanning from beginners to advanced dancers, dance schools, and festival organizers. This allows dancers to enhance their skills, seek support when needed, and enables organizations to deliver higher quality events and services.

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What we can do for you!

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What kind of services do you offer?

We offer three kind of services such as marketing and business consulting, Photo and videography and promotion and brand activation.

In you have a project and you are interested to have an free chat with us to discus everything and to see what we can do for you, than send us an email and let's book an apointment!

Is Latino Dance Life a dance school?

We are definitely not a dance school. We leave the teaching to others! Our goal is to support dance schools, teachers, students, and event organizers by providing the right advice, guiding them on the path to achieve their goals, and offering mentorship and coaching to new dancers so they don't feel isolated in this world.

How do you ensure that no competition is created between the clients?

Our mission is not to handle all your business, marketing, and promotional work. Instead, we provide you with the right information so you can leverage various methods, tools, and current trends. When collaborating with our clients and partners, we sign a non-disclosure document to ensure that all data and information exchanged remains confidential between us.

What are the prices of the services?

All prices can vary from project to project. We cannot provide pre-made prices because everyone deserves a polished and personalized approach. If you want to learn more about our prices, I suggest booking a meeting so we can listen to all your needs and provide you with a customized quote for your project.

Can I join the Latino Dance Life team?

Yes, of course! At the moment, we are a small team, but we are always open to new creative, enthusiastic people who want to help build our project.

Do you want to join as a volunteer and enjoy various benefits? You're also welcome. We engage in promotions and other activities where your assistance would be valuable!

If you have your own idea that you want to bring to life and if it is related to the Latino world, such as dancing, language, food, and culture in general, then let's talk, and who knows, it could make our brand stronger!

Are you looking for a new challenge, and do you want to make your ideas happen? Join the Latino Dance Life team!